162 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. lovely………handsome men, gay or straight, it doesn’t matter at all. they are beautiful, and take time to look after themselves like we all should. who ever is the author of the site, very well done…cause this site has great quality photos, and certainly puts a smile on my face…..and others when we check in….v well done, keep up the good work. nice to see so much beauty in one spot

  2. Red shirt and tattoo’s damn you are so fine
    When I see you all I think is “why cant he be mine”
    A man like you deserves to have a good woman
    Someone who can love you until time stops runnin.

    God bless you and your parents for making you. You are more than eye candy. Xoxo

  3. #1 Where are going with that hand?
    #3 I would love to be that tattoo..underneath your skin
    #4 Those lips…need I say more?
    #6 Those eyes would be nice to see…early in the morning
    And last but not least,#13 I wish I the button on those jeans

  4. Wow fabulous gorgeous men on this web site I have not seen men that look so hot and dreaming at the same time!!! I stunned and shock and as well as amazed all in wow !! Oh yeah that real eye candy now that’s what I’m talking about!! Yeah baby yeah great wonderful!!!

  5. There are alot of beautiful men on here some maybe too much but i surely got my favorites!! Nothing like a very classy clean cut man well dressed who just stands out from afar&those beautiful eyez&lips that definitley make u smile along to go w/his smile!!! ♥♥♥♥Damn Hes Fine hell of a website!!

  6. Talk about desperate! Who the fuck sits around looking at ugly men all day? Like what kind of woman can’t get a fucking man? Hmmmmm. Oh yeah thats right . lol the truth hurts.

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